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anna frost flora bliss balls

Bliss Balls are a perfect on the go energy! They are also ‘make as you like’…every time I make them they are different. Just get inspired and mix it up!

Here is my latest Bliss ball ingredients:
    •    Ground sunflower seed
    •    Ground flaxseed
    •    Cocoa
    •    Dark chocolate (80% cocoa)
    •    Ground coffee
    •    Crystalised Ginger
    •    Coconut
    •    Sesame seeds
    •    Flora Udo’s Choice Green Blend
    •    Flora Salus Red Beet Crystals
    •    Manuka honey 30+
    •    Udo’s Choice Udo Oil 369 Blend
    •    Crunchy peanut butter
    •    Stewed dates
To make them:
    •    Mix all your dry ingredients together
    •    Then add the liquids as needed to create a mixture that is thick enough to bind together in teaspoon size
    •    Cover with coconut or cocoa
    •    Refrigerate and eat