Hi Ladies,

I have a niggling question that I thought other women may have dealt with.

My partner and I run together frequently.  He has a long history of being fit and did a lot of alpine climbing.  He is also nearly 7 years younger than me.  I have spent the last 12 years having kids and not being fit.  We have now been training and running off road for 10 months.  The difference however in our fitness using our heart rate at given speed is massive.  I’m still toiling along trying to stay out of my submaximal range while he is in a recovery zone, i.e. me-155bpp, him-125bpp.

The question I have is how do men and women train together with such physical differences?

I just feel awful that I ‘hold him back’ and I worry that I will never be anywhere as fit as him.  My mind gets really psyched out by the difference in ability.  But I know there are 45year old women that are faster than him so I keep hoping the day will come when I can catch up

(Just as a note I can run a road half marathon in 2hrs at the moment with 10 months training.  I’m 39.  He can do a half in 1:40.  He’s 32)

Thanks, Charity