Anna Frost beach cr. Paul Petch

Just enjoyed listening to the Trail Runner Nation podcast (courtesy of my husband, who is actually the running fanatic – I have yet to be bitten but that particular bug). I liked the Nepal info – I just moved to Kathmandu 2 weeks ago! So that was topical for me. But it’s the discussion about how women runners’ bodies change during their period, and how they should take this into account in their training, that made me think I should comment on the site – I want to really recommend a product for that time of the month to any female runners. It is called the mooncup (there are UK and USA versions – I use the UK manufactured one). It’s just brilliant, and I highly recommend it. I’m sure it will make the lives of female runners still using tampons or pads that much easier – google it, and try one! I know it will revolutionize how you run!!