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Oh Pants!

Anna Frost - cr. Jordi Saragossa

Hi Girls,

I am relatively new to distance trail running, and have a couple of trail marathons coming up including a cold one in the UK in December (CTS Dorset) and then Trans Gran Canaria marathon in March. It’s great following you and the other pro ladies on the ultra scene, very inspiring and I hope to run my first this time next year

I was wondering what underwear you would recommend wearing for distance trail running (if any) under (a) running tights and (b) something looser like the running dress. I don’t wear any with shorts which have built in pants (like the s-lab skort), but wasn’t sure what would be best particularly with the tight leggings to minimize chafing etc and would really appreciate your views on this?!

Best wishes and many thanks in advance, Helen



Training : Men vs Women

Hi Ladies,

I have a niggling question that I thought other women may have dealt with.

My partner and I run together frequently.  He has a long history of being fit and did a lot of alpine climbing.  He is also nearly 7 years younger than me.  I have spent the last 12 years having kids and not being fit.  We have now been training and running off road for 10 months.  The difference however in our fitness using our heart rate at given speed is massive.  I’m still toiling along trying to stay out of my submaximal range while he is in a recovery zone, i.e. me-155bpp, him-125bpp.

The question I have is how do men and women train together with such physical differences?

I just feel awful that I ‘hold him back’ and I worry that I will never be anywhere as fit as him.  My mind gets really psyched out by the difference in ability.  But I know there are 45year old women that are faster than him so I keep hoping the day will come when I can catch up

(Just as a note I can run a road half marathon in 2hrs at the moment with 10 months training.  I’m 39.  He can do a half in 1:40.  He’s 32)

Thanks, Charity



Moon Cup

Anna Frost beach cr. Paul Petch

Just enjoyed listening to the Trail Runner Nation podcast (courtesy of my husband, who is actually the running fanatic – I have yet to be bitten but that particular bug). I liked the Nepal info – I just moved to Kathmandu 2 weeks ago! So that was topical for me. But it’s the discussion about how women runners’ bodies change during their period, and how they should take this into account in their training, that made me think I should comment on the site – I want to really recommend a product for that time of the month to any female runners. It is called the mooncup (there are UK and USA versions – I use the UK manufactured one). It’s just brilliant, and I highly recommend it. I’m sure it will make the lives of female runners still using tampons or pads that much easier – google it, and try one! I know it will revolutionize how you run!!